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My patience tank has long been emptied

Okay, I said I wasn't going to do any more of these, but this just hit home: why didn't I ever hear about this?!? I heard about the terrible two's. But at 9 months they go through an attitude problem. And now 13 months old, too? And to the lady at the restaurant who said "I love that age - when they were easy" do you know how sad you made me? This gets harder?
Toby has been so impossible lately - he whines the whole time when he's home. We're trying to determine whether he's bored, as he's good outside and when we're out different places. Just at home the only thing that helps is going outside or watching Signing Times. And I really don't want him watching TV all day long....
Toby hits a little..and throws things. He doesn't bite to be mean, but to experiment very infrequently. But what a temper - just like his mom...

Your 13-month-old: Week 4

Spirited and mild-mannered toddlers alike will experiment with ... how shall we say it? ... undesirable behavior. If your toddler indulges in fits of screaming, hitting, and biting, you can take some solace in knowing that his development is right on track. Discipline can be a challenge with kids this age, so try to build a little personal time into your schedule each week as a way to refuel your patience tank.
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