what_to_expect (what_to_expect) wrote,

Odds and Ends

Toby blows kisses now, it's so cute. It's actually more of a click made with his tongue, but he thinks it's kisses!
He'll also clap his hands when you ask him too.
If you let him have the container of Cheerios, he sometimes takes a handful and sticks the whole thing, hand and all, in his mouth! It looks like I'm starving him!
He loves going with Daddy for his nightly walk around the neighborhood, and petting the dog down the road. He loves animals!
We've also been taking him in the shower rather than giving him a bath, and there's a lot less fuss! Of course, we have to shower too but we were having to get into the bath, so nothing really lost there except for the screaming!
He is RUNNING everywhere - no time for walking! He'll take the big pilates ball and roll it all throughout the house - and silently too, so if you turn around you may be in for a surprise!
He loves "nesting" things - cups in boxes, spoons in bowls, toys in boxes, etc. James brought home a little cooler and we find all types of weird stuff in it. And he loves my cell phone - he'll be walking around with it and I will call it from our home phone and he thinks it's funny how it vibrates and plays a song.

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